Hi, I’m Lucie – A Marketing Intern here at Spotstar. I’m also a 24-year-old girl who realised that coming out of university, and landing the perfect job wasn’t so easy after all (totally naive, I know). I mean, it’s not like I thought I would land my dream role within the space of a couple of weeks, but I had no idea it would be THAT hard.


I studied for a degree in Marketing and PR with Events Management, super versatile covering a LOT of modules, so surely I had a great chance of securing a well-paid job, right?! Nope – it turns out the world of employment is incredibly specific and cutthroat competitive, as I’m sure you’ll agree.   


In brief, here’s 5 things you probably heard (at least 50 times)/ assumed throughout your university days…

1. Family members and friends positively smiling and saying “It’ll all be worth it in the end” after explaining how late (4 am, perhaps?) you were up finishing an assignment.   

2. You assumed that your shining degree and attractive level of optimism would speak for itself on your CV, and therefore guarantee you a job.

3. You weren’t necessarily prepared for sitting in the same spot for the best part of 4/5 hours a day, filling in application form after application form. Oh, and editing your CV for each job accordingly…

4. “Don’t worry, you’ll have a degree soon, you’ll fly into any job” – said almost every person after explaining that you’re starting to get a little anxious about life after uni. To all those people who said this – I assure you that for most, ‘flying’ into a job isn’t a thing, literally.

5. Your lecturer’s firmly said “Employers just want to see a great CV and an application form that shows a wealth of experience” – Hello? I’ve sent off tons of CV’s, and filled in a mind-numbing amount of application forms? And how am I supposed to show off experience if I can’t get it?


Fast forward to today, I’m definitely appreciative of what I learned throughout uni, and really proud of my degree itself, but reality hits hard. The truth is that when filling in application forms over and over, you’re kinda just another number. Don’t be fooled into thinking your CV is the be-all and end-all when it comes to job hunting.



It’s time to end the dreaded process of sitting at your laptop, going through the same questions on application forms to receive the “Thanks for applying, but we regret to inform you that…” email – you know the one, not the most pleasant email to open.


At Spotstar, we allow you to have the control for once. You decide what area you want to invest your time in learning. You discover what type of role you’d be best suited for. Oh, and there’s none of that boring application form stuff, and you won’t be needing your CV either.


Just Let Employer’s Find You! based on your preferences and merits you’ve gained online. You could say we’re the matchmakers of employment.


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See you at the next post…