When I finished university I expected to walk into a job, despite my below average results. However, after a few months I realised, this was not going to be the case. After endless applications to jobs that I actually wanted, I gave up and started applying for ones, which didn’t have anything to do with my degree. The months dragged on and even finding work for minimum wage was becoming seemingly impossible. I was sending in endless amounts of applications and getting nowhere, with the majority of places not even getting back to me.


With Spotstar, the fact that the employers come to find you, based on what courses and training you’ve already completed, makes it so much easier. It means that if I really want a job in logistics, I can do everything on Spotstar, to make me the ideal candidate for one of the logistic employers. It just makes the whole process of getting a job that suits me, so much easier. As well as this it allows me to really understand the role and see if that industry is the one for me.


Looking forward to the next blog post!