SpotstarI see a lot of negativity about the recruitment industry on social media and it’s a shame. Recruitment is a service industry, like many others there are great suppliers and some not so great. But maybe it’s the process itself which is broken?


One thing to notice about the recruitment industry as a whole is that is really hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years. You advertise a vacancy, ok it used to be in newspapers and now it’s on the internet but the ads don’t change much.


They are generally boring and fact based and very much about what the employer wants. What about why job seekers should want this job and to work for this company?


Applicants send off ‘slightly’ elaborated two page CV’s which list skills and experience but generally tell very little about who they are, what they care about and what their aspirations are.


So after a lengthy sifting process the day of interviews arrives and ‘most’ of the interviewees arrive. Unfortunately they know very little about the company before they arrive for interview, even if they do their research, they generally can’t find out what staff training is like, how they are likely to be treated and what benefits and opportunities for promotion are likely to be open to them.


So you conduct an hours interview? Maybe an assessment day. You then have to decide whether each of you wants to spend 40 hours a week with each other.


At its best recruitment is about matching like for like. Its not just about job roles, responsibilities and annual salaries. To be really successful it needs to be about a meeting of minds, ethics, motivations and goals. That may all sound like a lot of blue sky thinking nonsense but stick with me a minute.


The recruitment process is very much like dating, trying to find the perfect match so you both get what you want and more importantly, what you need out of the arrangement. To get to this level of detail often takes more time and understanding than either party is ready to invest.


Building an employer brand and company video advertising is a great way to start attracting great talent, telling people all about your business and how you will treat and reward them allows them to decide early on if you are a good match for them.


What would it be like if then instead of reading through a bunch of dull CVs you could view their candidate profile and watch a few videos of them telling you why you would want to hire them? How about taking that a step further and adding online training content in there up front so you can see evidence of their knowledge base in your industry before you engage them, thereby saving time in induction training later?


Sound good?


Digitising the process and video profiling isn’t going to remove the need to invest time in recruiting or replace a quality dialogue. What it will do however, is save both parties the wasted efforts on complete mismatches and leg work of getting to the right conversations.


It’s time for a change, let’s turn the recruitment process on its head.


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Kate Jones

Spotstar Co-founder.