We Love Employer Branding


Does employer branding sound like fluffy nonsense that doesn’t apply to you or your business?


Well, this is why it isn’t and why it does…


In short, your employer brand is what attracts people to want to come and work for you. With unemployment sitting at around just 4% there are more jobs available than unemployed people to take them. This means even for entry-level roles you are now competing with other employers for talent.


It’s no longer enough to simply advertise a job to attract people to your business. Candidates are more discerning, they want more from a job than a salary. So, what is it that sets you apart from all the other employers out there?


This is something that all business owners and HR or recruitment teams should spend some time considering. We all know that when it comes to sales we have to set out our value proposition, tell our prospective customers why it’s us they should buy from rather than our competitors.Attracting the right employees is no different.


Challenge yourself to consider who your target employees are? What kind of people are they? Where do they spend their time? What is important to them? Where do they want their careers to lead them?


By understanding the kind of people you want to hire, you know the kind of people you want to attract. Like attracts like…Like attracts likeIf you are looking to hire bright, engaged individuals who will care about your business and your customers, will go the extra mile to provide great service to your customers and will stay with you to develop a long-term career, employer branding is key. After all, why wouldn’t you be looking to hire this type of employee? Helping you grow the business and succeed is a definite aim, right?


Well, you need to tell them how you will support them throughout their career with you. How you will develop them and provide them with opportunities for career growth. How you will reward their successes and inspire them to achieve more. How you will reward success and inspire them to achieve more.

Now at this point you may or may not be thinking well we do all of those great things for our staff… If you do, that is fantastic! How do you let potential employees know that is what you do, though?


We live in an age where almost anything we want to know is at our fingertips, we simply type a question into our search engine and up pops a variety of answers. So, if you type in ‘what is it like to work at <insert your company name>, what pops up?


When it comes to deciding whether to turn up for the agreed interview they booked with you or accepting the job offer you make to them, employer branding plays an important part.


So how will you go about attracting the right people to your business in 2018?

Employee AttractionKate Jones, Spotstar Co-founder.


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