Spotstar's the way forwardSpotstar is a brand new way to gain employment, and we understand that it can sometimes be confusing using a new tool or app. To help you better understand its features and how it can help you market yourself to employers and get a job, we have set out some short and simple tips on how to get the best out of your Spotstar account.


The first thing to note is that there are two ways of finding a job in Spotstar… 
1. You can apply for advertised vacancies which you can find via the job board by opening your menu on the left of your profile page. 
2. You can market yourself through the system, and get seen by our partnered employers who search for candidates to match the positions they want to fill.


This is a space for you to show the best of yourself and the kinds of jobs you might be interested in.Invest In Yourself

1. Complete your digital CV 

The profile area is designed a lot like a CV but it’s digital and will update itself from activity you track through the app.

It’s important to make sure all the areas of your profile are fully completed. For example;

• Work history, this is the stuff from your CV, who you worked for and when. It is also important to add gaps in and state what you were doing whether that’s, study, home caring or odd agency work, gaps don’t look great when they are unexplained so fill in as much as you can. Once you accept work through the app it will update your work history so you don’t have to!

• Education, training or licences, this is the other stuff from your CV that will show employers the key skills you have which might match you to their job vacancies.

• Your address, you must add your address and how far you can travel to work if you want to show up in employer searches. This is a key criteria which matches you to jobs. You won’t show in searches for jobs you can’t get to, which means you won’t be offered interviews for jobs that you wouldn’t want to be matched.

• Availability, this is all the hours you can and would be willing to work, this is another key criteria which matches you to jobs so again if not completed you won’t be matched to any jobs. If you have split times in the day you can work, be sure to add them all in so you get offered the most opportunities that might suit you. For example – 9:30am-3pm and 6pm-11pm. That way you will match to both types of shift opportunity.


2. Profile Picture

A friendly and professional looking profile picture, that only has you in the picture. This is the first thing employers will see about you.


3. Upload your video answers

Uploading your video answers is a great way to show potential employers what you’re really like, a video has so much more impact than a paper CV or application form ever could. If you aren’t sure what to include watch the example videos to see what others are doing.

You can also record them first and get friends and family to give you tips before you upload them. If you decide you want to change them or update them, you can do that anytime.


4. Do some training courses

Completing the training videos and online courses, will not only help you learn, but it will show potential employers what skills you have and what industry you want to go into and the areas you will thrive in.

This is particularly useful if you don’t have previous experience or work history in that sector or job role. Even if you have, it proves to employers you have the knowledge and understanding they want.

It also ranks you higher in their searches so the more skills you have and courses you complete the closer to the top of searches you will be, giving you more chance of getting contacted.


5. Switch the ‘looking for work’ feature on

At the top of the profile page, there is a looking for work feature, which allows potential employers to view your profile. Nobody can see your profile when this is switched off and you won’t show up in any employer searches whilst in private mode.

This means, when you do find a job, you just turn this feature off until you’re ready to look for your next job.


6. Job interviews and offers

On Spotstar there is a section titled my offers, in this section you can see all of your interview and job offers, and it shows, which you’ve rejected and accepted. It’s a good way to keep on top of your job offers.


7. View employer profiles before accepting an interview or job  

Our employer partners have their own profile pages which you can access to help you decide if they are the kind of employer you want to work for and if you want to accept their invitations.


All in all, ensuring that you fully complete your Spotstar profile is the best way to get spotted by potential employers and get hired!


Log in to your app, build your profile and get spotted!⭐️


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