Here to remind you how to stay in control of your data!⭐️


Hello! In light of GDPR, (as we’re sure you’ve heard LOADS of times recently) we just wanted to let you know that nothing has changed about the way we store and share your data. We’d also like to share our data protection policy and privacy policy with you again and remind you how you stay in control at all times…


Firstly, what is GDPR?


GDPR, also known as General Data Protection Regulation, seeks to give people more control over how organisations use their data. It also ensures data protection law is almost identical across the EU.


But what does this actually mean?


In simple terms, it means that your data is less likely to be able to be used for fraud.


Becoming a victim of fraud is becoming more and more likely due to technological advancements and the ingenuity of those trying to deceive you. This is why GDPR is now more important than ever.


Someone obtaining a few simple details about you, such as; your name, address, and D.O.B, can put you in a situation where you could be subject to a range of fraudulent activities such as: getting a credit card in your name and racking up debt and a bad credit score, whilst you remain completely unaware. (Anyone else assume you’ve been a victim of fraud when you’ve checked your bank balance, but realised that’s just your impulsive buying issue?)????‍♀️????


All jokes aside… protecting your data is extremely important!


When you are looking for work, you are requested to submit 30 application forms per week. If you spend a full year looking for work, this means you’ve sent out your CV with personal information on it over 1,500 times. (1,500 times? And I only heard back a few times? That’s a whole other blog post?…) Once you’ve sent it you have no idea how many copies have been made, how many times it’s changed hands or who in general has seen it. Due to the number of times this sensitive information switches hands, it increases the chances of your information being misused. GDPR regulations now insist companies have processes in place to protect your data and ensure your rights are met and protected.??


GDPR may seem to be just another bit of boring internet jargon, however, it really is so much more, which is why we’re taking every measure and precaution to ensure that all of our user’s data is protected! We got you!⭐️


Step 1


We store and share your personal data for the purposes of helping you get a job either by being a matched candidate or by applying directly to vacancies via our jobs page which will be launching very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!?


Step 2


You stay in control. You can have your profile hosted in two ways and can change this setting as often and as many times as you like:


  • In private mode, by deactivating the share my data switch, you can use all the functionality of the site and even apply for vacancies on our jobs page but employers won’t be able to see any of your data on your profile to approach you for jobs.
  • In public mode, by activating the share my data switch, you are searchable by our employer partners for the express reason of matching you to jobs in your location.


The data shared with potential employers in public mode or when you apply for a job is your first name, your contact numbers if added, your profile picture if added, your video interview answers if added, your digital CV and availability, and any courses you have successfully completed within the system.


Your home address, email address and date of birth are kept private and only shared with employers with your explicit consent when you accept a job offer from them.



Spotstar is GDPR compliant by design and we have systems and processes in place to make sure all data we store is protected and stored safely!


The power is in your hands!??


If you decide you no longer wish to use your account you have two options:


  • You can either deactivate your account which means it will no longer be searchable in public mode and you will no longer use your profile or gain any notifications or updates from us. We won’t share any personal details with any third parties.

Or you can choose to delete your account… (Though, this is probably a silly thing to do??)

  • This means you will be erased from our systems completely and we will not store any details relating to you. If you delete your account it’s a final action and cannot be undone and the account information and course progress cannot be restored if you change your mind.


You are in control of your data. All of your data will be protected when using our site, it’s only the basic information that our employer partners see, such as your first name and the digital CV details you’ve added. It’s only when you accept a job offer that employers can then see the rest of your information.


Follow the links below to ensure you’re happy with your profile privacy settings and prepare to land yourself that new job!⭐️

View our Privacy Policy 

View our Data Protection Policy


You can also visit Information Commissioners Office to find out more on how to keep your data safe…


Thanks from all at Spotstar!