Mental Health


It’s truly refreshing that mental health isn’t such a taboo subject anymore, and it’s great to see so many wonderful discussions that are helping to tackle the stigma. But whilst the taboo is definitely fading, it’s still not easy to talk about. In fact, I don’t believe it’s ever easy telling someone about your mental health, the anxiety you feel or even your lack of positivity. Trying to explain your negative thoughts, that heavy feeling in your chest or even your constant worry is never easy. But it will definitely get easier! 


I really want to emphasise that it’s ok to not be ok but it’s even more ok to talk. There is ALWAYS someone who will listen and you’re never alone, even if you may feel like you are. There are more support services than there are chocolate varieties so let’s use them (and our friends and family, of course) and get vocal!❤️ 


I’d say we’ve probably all experienced some form of anxiety/stress at some point in our lives, and more than likely have been uncomfortable to talk about it. In a world where we consume so much digital media and where we have SO much information constantly thrown at us, life can get a little overwhelming. We’d go to the doctors if we had a physical illness or problem, why is it different when it’s our mental health? It’s just as important as our physical health and it’s crucial to remember they go hand-in-hand. 


It can be hard to cut through the noise in today’s crazy world, but with attention, time and care we can do it together! Our well-being comes first, and it’s our responsibility to ourselves. 


This year’s Mental Health Awareness week focused on stress. Stress can become chronic, leading to serious mental and physical health illnesses. So let’s try our hardest to tackle stress head-on with these 7 tips on ways to prevent and overcome it: 


Tip 1Mental Health Tip 1


If you’re feeling stressed about one massive problem, break it down into small objectives. 


Another idea is to keep a note of what triggers moments of stress so you know how to deal with that scenario better next time.


 Tip 2

Mental Health Tip 2


Eating healthy will ensure that you’re provided with vital nutrients to support and protect your well-being!


Also, try drinking lemon water in the morning as this helps to absorb vitamins and reduce the effects of stress.


Tip 3

Mental Health Tip 3


Relax your mind and recharge.


Meditation is an amazing technique that helps you focus on your breathing and reduce stress. Try meditating for just 10 minutes per day!


Tip 4

Mental Health Tip 4


“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” – Dodinsky

It’s really important to prioritize self-care! Life can be overwhelming and complicated so always remember to take time out to relax and refocus. Do something for YOU!


 Tip 5

Mental Health Tip 5


Feeling tired, stressed or mentally drained? Go out and exercise. When your body feels better, so does your mind! 


We got this!


Tip 6

Mental Health Tip 6


Enhance your well-being by getting a good nights sleep! It also helps you manage stress a lot better, too. 


Also, a great excuse to have a couple more naps, right? 


Tip 7… and the most important tip of all…


Mental Health Tip 7


Just talk. Don’t overwhelm yourself by hiding your thoughts away.


Talking is good for your mind, body and soul, and again, there’s ALWAYS someone who will listen and understand! 


Thank you for reading and I’ll end on this… you are amazing and there are SO many reasons to smile, you just may have to look a little harder! (Garlic bread being one of them, right???!)


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There will also be a guest blog posted in the next few days which will discuss mental health a little more. Make sure you pop back!


Lots of love,