Summer Activities


As I’m sure you’ve seen from our other blog posts, we understand that balancing work life with everyday life can sometimes be a little tricky due to today’s fast-paced world. It’s also easy to forget about life outside of work and fun activities – especially if your job involves a lot of emails, phone calls, and Skype meetings etc. But even industries such as Retail can sometimes take over, too.


Talking from experience, when I’d come home from work, I would already be thinking about the visual merchandising plan for the next week. I mean, I’m all for planning ahead and if you’re passionate about your job – amazing! BUT, you definitely need to take some time out to relax instead of focusing solely on work.


Yes, our wage and salaries keep our fridges full and our showers hot so it’s no doubt that our work-life plays a huge part of our lives, but it’s definitely Ok to separate our work life from our personal life (as much as we can). On the plus side, ensuring we have a healthy work-life balance not only promotes amazing health benefits, but also results in greater productivity, concentration, and focus. You’re happy, your employer is happy, everyone is happy!


So let’s get more mindful about our wellbeing, take a deep breath and refocus for a minute… with 11 places to go/ activities to do this summer!


Go camping and make S’mores


Summer Activities


Who doesn’t love a bit of camping? Being exposed to sunshine and the wonders of nature, in general, does you the world of good! Exercising, socialising, breathing in that high-quality oxygen from the surrounding greenery is all you need to de-stress, recharge, and instantly boost your mood!


Whether glamping or camping is more your style… we definitely recommend it’s something you do this summer – even for just one night!


Tip: Try making s’mores – the BEST campfire treat ever. All you need is digestive biscuits, marshmallows, and chocolate. Simply pop your piece of chocolate (giant chocolate buttons are a good choice) onto one of the biscuits and pop your marshmallows onto a skewer (use a twig if you’re feeling like Bear Grylls), toast over the campfire until the marshmallow becomes golden and soft, place onto the biscuit followed by placing the second biscuit on top pressing firmly down, enough to pull the skewer/ twig out. And there you have it… a delicious s’more. You won’t be disappointed…


Host a potluck picnic


Summer Activities


“Not another picnic post” – yes, we at Spotstar are picnic obsessed. But why wouldn’t we be? They’re the best. If you haven’t read our blog post on our top 6 picnic spots, then we suggest you do!


Making memories with family and friends over a delicious picnic is the perfect way to create summer memories, right? Make your life easier by doing a ‘potluck picnic’ so invite all your friends and family around and ask that they each bring one dish so you’ll end up with the most delicious (hopefully) summer feast.


You could even switch things up for fun and instead of organising who is bringing what… just wait and see what everyone turns up with! Who knows, you could end up with 100 sausage rolls and 100 Victoria sponge slices? Sounds like heaven on to us…


Barbeque party


Summer Activities


When you think of summer, one of the first things that come to mind is barbeque get-togethers. There’s not much better than eating burgers and hotdogs whilst the sun sets… Get all your friends together and enjoy a good old BBQ. You could even have a themed BBQ, Hawaiian? festival? The list is endless. The only tricky thing about BBQ’s is figuring out who you can trust to not burn those sausages…


Make your own lolly-ices


Summer Activities


We all love a lolly-ice on a summer’s day (yes, they’re called lolly ices, NOT ice-lollies?) so why not get creative and make your own? Whether you do this as an activity with the children or make them for a ‘no kids allowed’ garden party, we’re sure they’ll go down a treat!


Try out this divine Raspberry Buttermilk lolly-ice recipe (you can also find lots of other recipes online or get creative and make your own!)…


  1. Fresh raspberries
  2. ¾ cup of sour cream (based on 8 oz cup)
  3. ¼ cup of buttermilk
  4. 3 tbsp. of honey
  5. 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice


You’ll also need wooden sticks and lolly-ice molds (you can buy these from most places such as eBay, Amazon, and Wilko).


How to:
  1. Smash the raspberries in a large bowl until they’re mushy and simply add the rest of the ingredients listed.
  2. Pour the mixture into the molds and freeze for 30 – 40 minutes.
  3. pop in the wooden stick into each mold and finally freeze for a further 2 – 3 more hours!


Visit a farmers market


Summer Activities


Visiting a farmers market is a great day out and you never know what you may come across. They always tend to be little craft stalls that you can spend forever browsing at!


Try Kirkham Lancashire Market (PR4 2SD) which is a monthly market selling cheese, fruit, meat, puddings, pies, and crafts. The next market is on 4th August starting from 9 am – 3 pm.


Another favourite market (WA14 1SA) of ours is Altrincham Market. From creative makers to fresh food there’s something for everyone! Visit here for more information.


Go on a bike ride


Summer Activities


Another great activity to do over the summer is cycling! Not only is cycling amazing for your mental well-being but it will also really improve your fitness and even sleep! Try out these two cycle routes over the summer for an instant mood lifter –


Chester Railway Path (great for families)

This route connects the city of Chester to the Wharf at Connah’s Quay. The path takes you along an old railway line from the north side of Chester out into the Wirral’s rich arable farmlands. A beautiful route for a beautiful day! Find out more here.


Liverpool Loopline

The Loop Line is a delightful wildlife route running from Halewood to Aintree and on to Southport on the Cheshire lines path. Find out more here.


Miniature golf


Summer Activities


Golf made fun! If you live close enough to Liverpool, you simply have to try out Ghetto golf (adults only). There’s a cocktail bar, DJ’s and an outdoor bar and BBQ to indulge in. Located at the old Cains Brewery, it’s just a short walk to the Albert Dock – more cocktails on the docks after cocktails at golf? Why not! Find out more here.


Now if you’re looking for something that is child-friendly, head to Championship Adventure Golf in New Brighton for a fun-filled family day out. Visit here for more information.


Drive-in movie theatre


Summer Activities


Bringing the USA to the North West… Woodside Outdoor Cinema offers an American style drive-in experience with roller skating waitresses and even Kiss Cams! There’s a variety of films being shown over the summer so make sure you book your tickets! The next film being shown is The Greatest Showman (we can’t believe that only ¼ of the Spotstar team have seen this) tomorrow (28th July) at 9.30pm… follow this link here to book your tickets for upcoming movies and find out more information.


Go Ape – unleash your wild side


Summer Activities


We’ve heard SO many brilliant reviews about Go Ape and there’s a huge list of locations all over the UK. Whether it’s a day out with the family or you feel like unleashing your wild side with your friends, there’s a variety of ‘adventures’ for all. Fresh air, adrenaline, and exercise – wonderful for some headspace and to take your mind away from work for the day!


Find out more information here.


Tye-dye t-shirt making


Summer Activities


This is such a perfect summer activity for all… and you definitely don’t need children to do this, why not jazz up your old pajamas? Could you even give your living room corner chair a burst of life by making a tye dye cushion? Get creative, that’s what summer is for!


What you’ll need:
  1. Fabric dye (available in Hobbycraft here – you can also buy a tye dye kit from here, too!)
  2. Rubber bands
  3. Rubber gloves and an apron or two
  4. A clean cotton piece of clothing, preferably plain and pale in colour
  5. Two large containers (one for water, one for dye)


How to:
  1. Firstly, prepare your work area with newspaper and scrap material (it can get messy)! Make sure you wear an apron and gloves, too.
  2. Grab sections of the t-shirt and bind them tightly with rubber bands – you can do this in any way you like there is no right or wrong, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome either way! The areas of the t-shirt bound with bands will not be dyed, leaving you with rings and groovy patterns.
  3. Read the instructions on the packet of dye and prepare accordingly.
  4. Fill a large bucket with hot water and immerse the t-shirt in the water, wringing out the excess water.
  5. Now immerse the wet t-shirt/ garment into the dye bucket and stir with a stick for 15 -30 minutes, depending on how dark you want the colour.
  6. Take the t-shirt out the bucket and now rinse it under warm water, followed by cool water until the dye is no longer running from the t-shirt.
  7. Finally, you can either hand or lay the t-shirt flat to air-dry.


And there you have it… the coolest t-shirt in all the UK. ?


Make a boredom jar full of activities


Summer Activities


We’ve all been there, sat on our couch staring out the window wondering what to do with ourselves… A boredom jar is the answer.


All you have to do is get multicoloured scrap paper and write down different activities/ tasks on each piece and place them into an old jar. The next time boredom strikes, open up the jar and whatever piece you pull out, you have to do!


From reading a book, cleaning out the garage, going on a jog, walking the dog, or even finding a new job (register with us to help you do that, of course)… get creative as you like! And better yet, most of those things will improve your mental well-being and thus boost your mood!


Summer Activities


Pop back soon,