“And in that moment, everything changed”


That’s actually going to be the introduction on my new website coming soon, but it’s also feeling very real right now for me, and more importantly my youngest son. And I’m sure for many of you reading this right now…

…on Thursday 16th August he will receive his A-level results. He knows what grades he needs in order to get into his preferred university, and he knows what is expected by his second choice university. And if he isn’t successful with any grades, he has already started to think about some ‘what if’ scenarios.

No matter what happens on that day, in that moment when he gets his results, everything will begin to change. He might be starting to embark on a chapter of his life spending 3 or 4 years studying in a new town or city, or he might be starting to look for work.  Either way it will be different to what he’s know and enjoyed in life up until now!


Preparation is key


Being ready and prepared for these critical and potentially life changing moments is hugely important, as is the ability to handle the outcomes, consequences and opportunities.

Like many people he’s already gone through some of these moments, e.g. 11 plus, GCSEs, driving test, interview for a part time job. But somehow this imminent one feels quite pivotal.

So, let me share with you how I’ve helped him keep himself on track and be ready for A-level results day, as I’m sure this will help you too.

Well the first thing,


regardless of any outcome is to get yourself ready to be in that moment,



i.e. imagine yourself being there and then, opening your letter, reading your results, having your friends and/or family around you. And, imagine how you will feel emotionally depending on what those results say – the elation, the excitement, the surprise, the shock, the fear – whatever it might be, just imagine all eventualities of how you might feel. This is called ‘visualisation’.

This is important because when you are actually there at that moment, how you will feel will not be alien to you – you will already have imagined it and already have embraced some of those feelings. Trust me, even as a parent I’m already going through this myself in readiness!



it’s important to know what you will do next, depending on each of the outcomes. If you achieve what you were hoping for, let’s say that’s getting the place at your first or second choice university, then you’ll be focussing on confirming your first-year accommodation, thinking about what study materials you might need, and how to spend those final 5-6 weeks of the summer before you start!




What if you don’t quite achieve what you needed or wanted? In that moment it might hurt. It might feel lonely and you might feel like you’ve let people down. But it’s your moment, nobody else’s, and it just means things have changed. A new direction is immediately starting to form and it’s yours to grab and head towards – don’t spend time dwelling when you could be spending time becoming successful elsewhere.

To do that, you need to set yourself some short-term goals. These might be getting your CV up to date, creating or updating your LinkedIn profile, registering with some recruitment agencies. One exercise I do with a lot of my clients is to get them thinking about their network, i.e. the people, groups or organisations around them, and the influence and impact they have, or could have, on their success. I will shortly be publishing a video tutorial around this so if you’re following me/Momentus on here, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram you’ll know when it’s available – but in short you need to think about who could you start talking to or introducing yourself to in order to get yourself seen, noticed, understood and ultimately becoming visible to the right people.



As you talk to more people, new opportunities might appear. Explore these, think about what they might mean for you, and if they feel relevant and exciting. There is never a bad outcome of talking to someone new or considering new ideas.

I’ve worked with a lot of people to help them create an impactful CV, build self confidence in readiness for an interview, or become more focussed on what they want to achieve and remove mental barriers that are holding them back. If this feels like you, let’s have a chat.

In the meantime, try not to let Thursday 16th August consume your every thought. There’s nothing you can do about it until that moment.

And on that day, be ready for the exciting direction your life is about to take.


Good luck.




James Perryman is a resident of the North West but loves travelling anywhere and everywhere to work with his clients. Owner of 2 grown up children. Partner to the actual boss of the house. Still managing to play rugby.

James had a successful career in all things consultancy before going solo in 2016 and creating Momentus.

He works with lots of different and exciting clients, delivering training and development programmes, providing 1:1 coaching and generally helping people and organisations grow and become better for themselves and their customers.

You can find out more about him and how to get in contact via LinkedIn.

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