How can Spotstar help you find a job

Spotstar is a new platform to apply for and get matched to jobs. Simply create an online profile to promote yourself to employers who are hiring. Choose to either apply for advertised jobs or make your profile visible to hiring managers who can send you notifications about their vacancies.

Add a Profile Picture

Adding a professional profile picture is a great way to connect with employers. Just like in social media profiles, employers are more likely to view your profile if you have a photo uploaded.

Set your location

Add your address and travel distance to get matched to vacancies. You can’t get matched without this information. The map link will show you travel options to any job offers.

Extra Availability

Add all your available hours to work, the more you are available, the more potential offers, no availability, no match. You can split your hours each day to suit your circumstances.

Work in Private or Public

For employers to view your profile and connect with you set the switch to looking for work.  Not ready to be contacted yet, stay in private mode while you perfect your profile.

Add your work history, education & training

This is your digital CV so add your previous jobs, qualification and training courses or licences you hold to demonstrate your skills and experience.

Record and Upload

Record yourself answering simple interview questions, show off your personality and enthusiasm, employers really love this feature and are more likely to bypass the interview.

Complete Free Courses

The system has a number of e learning courses with assessments to help you understand industries, pass these and showcase your knowledge to potential employers

View interview and job offers

Keep track of employer notifications, view job offers, interview invitations and check out employers profile pages before you make any decisions.

Keep your data safe and secure

Stay in control of your personal data. Employers don’t see your address, date of birth or last name until you are ready to share it.  Your safety is our priority.

Get The App

To get started with Spotstar now download the app on iOS or Android