Q – How does Spotstar work?

A – With Spotstar you build a profile, add your details, complete our free online training courses, earn merits and let employers find you.


Q – How do I apply for jobs?

A – You create an online profile and employers view it, based on what you’re looking for and the merits you have earned, then they approach you. You can also apply for jobs posted on our jobs board, so make sure you keep a lookout.


Q – How do I change my location?

A – On the profile page of Spotstar, there is an address section, put in your desired address here to change your location.


Q – How do I upload a video?

A – You can use a computer or laptop, or even your phone providing it has a camera feature, and follow the instructions on the profile page of your account.


Q – What should my video uploads include?

A – If you are unsure what to put in the video uploads’, we have a Spotstar YouTube channel with a series of example answers.


Q – Who can see my profile?

A – Once your account is made, all employers have access to view it.


Account Settings

Q – What if I’ve forgotten my password?

A – On the login screen, there is a forgot password link. Click on this and you will be sent an email, follow the instructions in this email to reset your password.


Q – Can I delete my account?

A – Yes you can delete your account anytime. However, it is suggested that if you get a job, simply turn off the “looking for work” feature, then if the time comes and you are looking for work again, you can simply turn this feature on again.


Q – Is there a subscription fee to use Spotstar?

A – No, Spotstar is and always will be a free service.



Q – Does Spotstar have any authority in the hiring process?

A – Spotstar is not involved with the actual decision or hiring process for our search results; nor does Spotstar have any contact information for the companies in our search results. If you would like to get in contact with someone about a position you saw on our website, you will need to contact them directly.


Q – Will there be more courses?

A – Yes, we plan to continually update and innovate when it comes to the courses, training videos and overall site.