Adding availability and hours

You can add your availability to work around the hours that suit you. Whether you’re looking for full time, part time, fixed contact or weekend work.

Your Spotstar profile automatically defaults to 24hr a day availability, you can if you wish keep your availability in default or be more specific.

If you wish to be more specific with your availability, then begin by clicking “Edit Hours”

Firstly, reset the default hours by clicking the red x for each day.

Followed by the red + to open a new drop-down box to edit your hours

Use the tabs to select the day and hours of availability then click the +Add tab.

When you have completed adding all your hours click save.

You can split each day into hours of availability by selecting the red + tab again, it really depends on your circumstances.

By splitting the day as in the example above doesn’t necessarily mean you want to work all those hours, it’s just your availability.

Spotstar matches you to jobs that suit your available hours and lifestyle, if you leave your availability in the default setting of 24hrs this means you would be matched to more positions.


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