My offers

Employers who view your profile and are interested in you, have the option to offer you an interview or offer you a position. Any offers you receive can be viewed in your “My Offers” section in your menu.

To access your menu, click on the 3 bars next to the Spotstar logo.

From here select “My Offers”.

Here you can view your current offers, by selecting the “view employer” tab, you can read information about the company and watch their video.

If you select the “view offer” tab you can see the offer in more detail.

Just in case you miss an offer you will also receive an e-mail notification.

When you have read through the offer, scroll down the page to reply.

You have the three following options:

  • Accept: A notification will be sent to the employer confirming your attendance
  • Reject: You will be asked for a reason, if it is because the interview time or date is unsuitable, you can ask the employer to reschedule the time or date.
  • Close: Close the window without leaving a reply. You can return to it later

Want to reschedule and message the employer? Click reject.

Use the drop-down box to select the reason.

You can ask the employer to reschedule your interview by selecting the “Request Reschedule” option

Enter your comments and the click “confirm” to send your request.

Any rescheduled interview will appear in “My Offers” in your menu

Your engagement history, whether you chose to accept or reject an offer, will also be stored here. You can access this information by clicking on the tab.


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