Training courses and earning merits

Spotstar has several free training courses for you to access, not only will you gain industry knowledge you will be able to show employers you really know your stuff.

By successfully completing a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each training module you will be awarded at merit which is visible to employers.

It’s a great way to demonstrate your personal development.

To begin select the “view courses” tab.

You can choses to view courses by Industry or Genre.

Click on the “view industry” link to see a short introduction video to help you decide if this industry suits you.

Find out more about the jobs in this industry.

What are the jobs they really like?

What kind of hours could you be working?

How much you can expect to earn?

What prospects does this industry offer?

You can choose from the course menu by selecting the “view course” tab.

Select “start the course” to begin, you can pause and rewind at any time.

Once you have viewed the course you will be invited to take a multiple-choice quiz to gain the merit.

Don’t worry you can retake the quiz if you miss out the first time.

Once you have successfully passed the multiple-choice quiz you will be awarded the merit for the module.

Courses you have started but not yet completed will appear here

Your awarded merits will appear here.

It’s worth noting that the courses have been specifically designed in partnership with employers, who consider these skills valuable to their business.

Remember employers viewing your profile can see the merits you have achieved.

If you continue to build your profile by completing more courses, you will appear higher in the ranking to hiring companies searching for recruits.


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