Uploading interview videos

A great feature of Spotstar is that the system allows you to pre-record answers to interview questions and upload your answers for employers to view.

To get started firstly, think about the questions and how you would answer them. Why not ask a friend or family member for their thoughts?

Record your answers on your phone, laptop or tablet and save the recording, when you are happy the click the “Upload Video Answer” and select “Choose File”

Then scroll down and click “Save” to upload your video.

You can view an example of how to answer a specific question by selecting

“Show Example”.

Don’t worry you can edit your videos at any time by repeating this process.

Our study revealed that 58% of employers would be willing to bypass the interview stage and offer a position after viewing a well-presented and well-thought-out video answer.

Just imagine no more worrying about interviews, trying to second guess the interview questions, dealing with the travel and all the other stress!

So, this is one area you should really work hard to try to stand out from the crowd.

Here are our tips when recording your answers

  • Think about the environment you are recording in, a plain background without any distractions works well.
  • Consider noise levels, find a quiet space, you want the employer to hear you not the washing machine in the background!
  • Dress appropriately it doesn’t mean you have to wear formal clothing, but pyjamas isn’t the right look either.
  • Centre yourself in the middle of your screen, it’s easier if you sit rather than stand, but don’t slouch!
  • Aim for a shot from the waist up
  • Don’t mutter instead speak clearly.
  • Make sure any natural light source is in front of you, if its behind, you will cast a shadow making it difficult to see you.
  • It works well if you have someone behind the camera lens on the same level as you and talk directly to them or just imagine someone there.
  • Practise your answers before you record, use notes to prompt you if it helps even better get someone to hold them behind the camera, just like a news reader!

The bottom line is, we are not all Oscar-winning actors, so don’t sweat it, just smile, relax and be yourself. One thing is certain, if you put the effort in now, you will reap the rewards later.


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